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Things to Consider When Remodeling Your Bathroom

A bathroom remodel is no easy task, as there are several things to consider. It's just a bathroom, granted, but you should be able to achieve a blend of luxury and functionality, with the right touch of both.

There are several style options to choose from, with every new one sure to burn a bigger whole in your pocket than the last.

What, then, are the most important deciding factors that should shape your choice, going forward? We answer these questions in the sections below.


Of course, it's only normal that the first factor to consider is your budget. You should know exactly how much you're willing to shell out before starting a project.

By preparing a fixed budget, you can determine the items, fixes and installations to include, while factoring in the costs of labor.


How do you want the project to go? Where are you starting from, and what points will you be dealing with last?

The order in which you approach the remodeling project is crucial. Ideally, you should start with the parts of the space you want to paint or sand, like the ceilings.

Then, proceed downwards to the walls and then the floor. In this order, your new fixtures won't suffer any damage.

Time constraints

You shouldn't make the error of assuming that the remodeling project will take a handful of days. This isn't always so.

Even a single alteration can take a very long time. With multiple alterations, you could be looking at weeks before everything is completed.

You should also include the time it'll take for installations like custom cabinets to be delivered after purchase.

Tap styles

It's important for you to carefully choose a tap style. Despite its relatively small size, it makes a significant difference.

There are several options on the market, so you're basically spoilt for choice.

Nevertheless, the tap style you select should complement the overall bathroom style you have in mind.

Storage requirements

With bathroom remodelings, creating space may seem a bigger task than you anticipated.

The solution is to get bathroom furniture that has extra storage space. This way, you can save floor space.

A good installation would be a vanity unit. It doesn't take up too much floor space, but it offers excellent storage space.

Additionally, you can include small shelf niches in your shower to hold shower gels and shampoos.


Although you can install lever faucets and handheld showers at any period outside of your remodeling project, permanent features are ideal.

Install grab bars, wide doorways, barrier-free showers and reduced sink height. All of these make your bathroom much more accessible and highly comfortable for you and anyone in the house.

Plan lighting carefully

Installing a few lights isn't enough. The presence of mirrors in the bathroom can create dark spots in the space. So, you have to carefully plan the lighting and its placement in your bathroom.

A fine solution is to have one diffuse light right in the middle of the ceiling. If you already have sufficient illumination, you could include some wall sconces.

Remember to place the lights carefully, avoiding spaces overlooking a vanity to not darken the space when you use the mirror. Instead, vertical fluorescent lights on both sides of the mirror are a better choice.

With Goliath Exteriors, you can count on top-class remodeling installations. Contact us today.



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