Fiber-Cement Home Siding

Installation in the Atlanta, GA Area



Siding on homes in Georgia takes lots of wear from the weather. Enhance the exterior of your home and let Goliath Exteriors Inc help you with this project. We will work with you to make the right siding choice and make sure your new siding is long lasting.


Goliath Exteriors Inc is pleased to use fiber-cement siding from JamesHardie, a leading supplier in North America. In fact, over 5.5 million homeowners have already chosen JamesHardie home siding, not only for its timeless style, but also for its exceptional durability. When you choose JamesHardie home siding with ColorPlus Technology, your investment in quality really pays off.




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home siding repair - after
home siding repair - after

New fiber-cement siding installation.

home siding repair - before
home siding repair - before

30 year old cedar panels. Time to have them replaced. Goliath Exteriors will do an outstanding job.


home siding repair - after
home siding repair - after

New fiber-cement siding installation.


Protection beyond the elements.


JamesHardie products also show superior performance when compared to vinyl, wood-based products and other fiber-cement siding.  Whether your grill gets too close or a baseball pitch goes higher than planned, you can count on JamesHardie to show superior resistance.  


Flame Resistance                       


  • JamesHardie home siding is noncombustible and approved for fire-rated construction.

  • Wood-based siding is combustible.

  • Vinyl siding will melt or burn at high temperatures, including reflection from nearby Low-E windows.



Fade Resistance/Finish Durability


  • JamesHardie home siding with ColorPlus Technology offers a superior fade resistance compared to field-applied paints.

  • Wood-based siding may shrink and swell, causing paint to chip and flake.

  • Vinyl siding is more susceptible to fading and can't be repainted even if it has severely faded.     



Termite and Pest Protection


  • JamesHardie home siding offers exceptional damage protection from woodpeckers, squirrels and other pests.

  • Wood-based siding is exceptionally prone to termite damage.

  • Vinyl siding is five times thinner than JamesHardie home siding, compromising durability.





A superior exterior, no matter the climate.


Whether your home needs protection against scorching sun or frigid temperatures, only the HardieZone System has you completely covered. JamesHardie is the only siding manufacturer to uniquely formulate siding for different regions in North America, providing custom protection.  This means less maintenance over time.


We're so confident the HardieZone System can withstand the rigors of the North American climate, we're offering the strongest warranty. This outstanding 30-year limited, transferable warranty offers non-prorated product coverage. 





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