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Exterior House Painting in Atlanta, GA





Our home painters here at Goliath Exteriors Inc are phenomenal from the preparation and pressure wash to the final touch up. They truly are professionals and nothing less. We use top-of-the-line paint with superior warranties. Let us help you with your home painting project.

A fresh coat of paint has the power to transform the look of your home, business, or commercial space. When properly applied, a new coat of paint composed of the highest quality materials should last for at least 15 years.

GE Goliath Exteriors is dedicated to providing clients with the highest standard of interior and exterior commercial and residential painting services. We have over 20 years of experience as a painting contractor, and we have conducted various exterior wood surface painting and wall painting jobs.

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Atlanta's Best House Painters

Our professionals possess all the tools, wherewithal, and skills needed to successfully paint the exterior of any space. We will walk you through our step-by-step process:


  • Our painters will begin by pressure washing the entire house with bleach solution to remove all dirt as well as kill algae and mold. We will scrape off any existing paint. Using power grinders and sanders, we will remove any old or excess paint from the exterior of your home. This will give us a smooth and clean surface upon which we will apply your new coat of paint.


  • Next, we will assess whether any wood is compromised and repair all rots before we apply paint to walls or any wood surfaces. We will patch and fill any dents or cracks, repair any rot, and replace any pieces of your home's exterior that are too far gone to be fixed.


  • Then, we will prime the exterior surface in an attempt to ensure that it is both smooth and clean. Painting primers are designed to seal, penetrate, and create an even surface so the top coats of paint adhere well.


  • After that, our team will caulk all small joints in the trim and siding of your home. Caulk is a waterproof filler and sealant that is used to make seams and cervices watertight to prevent leakage. Caulking your siding walls will ensure that rain water doesn’t leak into the interior of your home.


  • Finally, we will begin the physical painting process.


Our professionals will start covering and masking off anything on your property that may get hit with overspray such as your gutters, windows, shrubs, roof and walkway. We will then utilize paint sprayers to coat the exterior of your living space with a rich, even coat of paint in a color of your choosing. We will start at the top and end at the bottom, using ladders and tarps to complete our process. The end result will overwhelm you with unprecedented joy and satisfaction! As skilled painting technicians, we aim to offer clients an efficient painting service at an affordable price.

Reach out to the number one exterior company in Atlanta, GA for a free painting consultation!

  • When should I repaint my house?
    You should repaint your home's exterior when the paint starts to fade. A typical paint job lasts between 5 to 7 years, depending on factors like climate, humidity, and weather. Waiting for the paint to crack, flake, or peel means that the wood underneath has been exposed to weather and humidity that can cause wood rot. Delaying a repaint can end up costing you more if the wood rots away and needs to be replaced. A painting professional will be able to inspect your house and tell you if a new paint job is needed.
  • What happens if my house's exterior paint is peeling and cracking?
    Your house needs to be repainted to save the unpainted wood from damage if the paint is peeling or cracking. The remaining paint can hide the underlying damage and wood rot. A fresh paint job will help avoid the need for costlier repairs to fix and replace decayed wood. If you're unsure, a painting professional can evaluate your house's exterior and let you know the best course of action to take.
  • Can I get an estimate for exterior house painting over the phone?
    While we can give rough estimates over the phone, an in-person evaluation will be needed to accurately price the paint job. The process involves more than just painting, as we also need to do prep that may involve repairs, such as replacing rotted wood and waterproofing joints.
  • What's the process of painting the exterior of a house?
    Painting a house is actually much more than "just painting". The complete process involves: Pressure washing with a bleach solution to remove algae and mold Scraping, grinding, and sanding off the old paint Repairing or replacing damaged and rotted wood Patching cracks and dents to the exterior surfaces Priming the surfaces for the paint Caulking and waterproofing joints around trim and siding And, finally, the painting process A professional house painting company like ours will have the equipment and trained technicians needed to do this process successfully.

Painting Atlanta's Homes for Over 20 Years

Goliath Exteriors Inc. offers residential exterior painting
throughout the entire Atlanta region, including:

  • South Fulton

  • Sandy Springs

  • Roswell

  • Johns Creek

  • Alpharetta

  • Marietta

  • Stonecrest

  • Smyrna

  • Dunwoody

  • Loganville

  • Brookhaven

  • Newnan

  • Mableton

  • Peachtree City

  • Peachtree Corners

  • Gainesville

  • East Point

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