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How Gutter Guards Can Save Time and Money

One of the most daunting and time-consuming home maintenance activities is gutter cleaning. It also poses a small element of physical risk and danger, as you have to climb a ladder to clean and scoop out dirt and debris stuck in your gutters.

Although gutter cleaning is not fun, keeping your home clean and preserving its structural integrity is necessary. Consider investing in gutter guards to save you cost, time and headache.

They eliminate the need for gutter cleaning

The main essence of gutter guards is to keep debris like leaves, twigs, and other unwanted particles from getting into your gutters that will end up causing them to clog. When debris gets stuck in your gutters over time, it gets clogged, giving room for mosquitoes and other pests to breed that may eventually find their way into your home.

With gutter guards, there will be no buildup, and you won’t have to worry about unwanted pests. As water now flows freely without all the dirt, there will be no need to worry about cleaning.

Gutter guards help prevent damage to your home

Clogged gutters can stop water, especially rainwater, from draining properly. The more undrained water stays there, your home's foundation risks developing some faults due to substantial damage from standing water.

Standing water can also cause some damage to your windows and sidings, meaning that you’ll have to spend extra to replace them. However, all the damage can be avoided with properly installed gutter guards that help to divert and keep water away from your building and home.

Gutter guards will help your gutters last longer

A dirty gutter is a breeding ground for rodents and will encourage some birds to build their nests. All these things will weigh on the building, causing your gutters to sag and subsequently rust.

Gutter guards will help keep all the debris, leaves, rodents, and birds out of the way and where they belong. Installing gutter guards will save a great deal of money that would have been otherwise used for costly structural repairs.

They protect your landscape

The landscape is often very expensive to maintain. Lawns, gardens, and other landscape elements often take hours of painstaking care to keep in prime condition. However, overflowing water from clogged gutters can wreak havoc on the landscape, washing topsoil and mulch away and damaging flowers and plants.

Replacing these features of your landscape will take a lot of time and a considerable amount of money. To be on the safe side, ensure to install gutter guards so that water flow is redirected from the landscape.

Gutter guards are a convenient and cost-effective solution to save time and money. If you need gutters or gutter guards installed, Goliath Exteriors is here to help out. Get a free quote today!



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