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Benefits of Adding a Screened-In Enclosure to Your Home

Screened-in enclosures come in various sizes and shapes, and seeing them around pools is common. These enclosures are usually made of fiberglass and complement your outdoor living space. If you’re wondering whether or not to install one in your home, here are some reasons to sway you:

Protection from the elements

Screened-in enclosures give your space maximum protection from the elements. This way, you can relax outdoors without being drenched and still enjoy the scent and patter of falling rain. Additionally you get protection from the stifling summer heat.

Safe comfort for pets and kids

When you install a screened-in enclosure in your backyard, you can keep your kids and pets within the confines and boundaries you have set for them. You are assured of your little ones being where you want them to be at the time.

Boosted property value

Just like replacing old installations and fixtures in your home adds to the beauty and value, so does adding a screen to your property. Adding a screened-in enclosure to your property is a great way to improve your home's visual charm and aesthetics. Therefore, when you are ready to sell or put your property on the market, your property has a better value.

Reduce maintenance requirements

Having a patio is a great idea, but keeping your patio in shape and tidy is another work. Introducing a screen keeps the dirt, dust, and other elements that may stain and cause a distortion in their normal state away. It keeps the furniture in your patio from direct sunlight, which can lead to fade and wear out fast.

Keep pests away

Many pests like bees, flies, and mosquitoes are present outdoors, especially during the day when you want to enjoy the sights of nature. With screen enclosures, pests can’t get to you no matter what. When you install a screened-in enclosure, you are guaranteed a time-out without worrying about pests disturbing your relaxation.

Swimming pool protection

Apart from keeping pests away when you are outdoors, screened-in enclosures can also serve as an enclosure for your swimming pools. That way, you can swim and have a great time lounging around your swimming pool, even on a rainy day, without getting drenched.

Outdoor dining space

A screened-in enclosures are perfect for creating the setting for outdoor dining, no matter the weather. This way, you can host dinners without worrying about a sudden change of weather or nasty bugs buzzing around.

Enhance your quality of life by investing in a screened-in enclosure today

Whether you want to enjoy a sumptuous meal with friends and family without having to worry about pesky insects or keep your kids and pets safe, a screened-in enclosure is an investment that can enhance your home’s functionality. Reach out us to install a screened-in enclosure that provides a comfortable and functional space for you and your loved ones.



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